Weekly Check In – 14 December 2019

Had a wonderful hangout with new level 3 student, Anna Sellen (more here).

Started putting my book for A3 together. I’ll be short one image for the assignment, but the snow hasn’t melted yet and we’re in for some more so I think the white stuff will be on the ground until March/April so I’ll have to add my final image later on. I like to replicate a colour that is close to the spine of the book for the back cover so that there is a seamless flow around the spine. I try and do the same with the text that I use on the cover, replicating a contrasting shade from within the image. I did this with my two Landscape module books and I think this created a more integrated look to the front and back covers. I’ve decided not to centre the symbols on the facing pages, but rather to take an asymmetrical approach to the layout and position the symbols flush left with the margin.

I was extremely pleased to create a connection with the curator of the R.J. Haney Museum in Salmon Arm. One of my reference books contained an extremely blurry copy of the map of heritage buildings in Notch Hill and she was able to supply me with a clean copy with crisp text, as well as performing various searches for me to ascertain more information on the owner of the store that I had enquired about. I think I’ll definitely make the effort and go and meet her as I’m sure I will be using more of her services either later in this module, and most definitely for level 3.

Encapsulated most of the important research points for A3. Started my write up for A3. Checked all my references used. I did not immediately record the references for the photos that used for my collages and have one image that is unaccounted for. I have a sneaking suspicion I found it on the BC Archives web site and that web site is painfully slow to search, but I shall try and locate my missing “medicine man Bob’s” details. Needless to say — lesson learned!

Finalised my book layout, but will have to rejig the order when I add my final image into the mix. Weather is still inclement and the snow is still sticking to the ground so I wasn’t able to do a reshoot.

Success! I’ve found “medicine man Bob’s” image. (Huge sigh of relief). Checking back over my To Do List for this week, I can see I got slightly distracted by a re-read of Susie Linfield’s ‘A Little History of Photography Criticism, or Why Do Photography Critics Hate Photography?’ I’m taking notes this time as the last time I read it I was on a road trip so couldn’t do that then. I do have to admit I really like her no nonsense straight shooting way of writing. Very refreshing!

I spent some time yesterday sourcing more references for A4. I think before I put my proposal together, I need to refine my sources and hone in on a couple of options before presenting to my tutor.

I have come up with a couple of ideas for A5 – some brainstorming is still required:

  • The Japanese-Canadian families who exiled themselves into the valleys between Chase and Tappen for the duration of the Second World War. I’m not sure if any of their houses still stand or even if I will be able to track down descendants of that generation.
  • The Residential schools in this vicinity. I know of at least two – part of one has been incorporated into a museum so access will not be a problem. I need to do more research about the other as it is in another city. Hopefully I could find someone to interview with either of these options.

A3 is now done and submitted to my tutor. Yay! Halfway mark reached!

To Do List for this week

  • Visit Secwepemc Museum & Kamloops Museum/Archive. Info on residential schools, dates of operation, potential interviewees.
  • If time allows fit in a gallery visit in Kamloops too.
  • Visit R.J. Haney Museum re Japanese-Canadian families in Chase & Tappen (might have to visit museum in Chase too)
  • Try and track down copy of Kluckner, Michael (2005) VANISHING BRITISH COLUMBIA, UBC Press/University of Washington Press, ISBN 0-7748-1125-0 or contact details for Kluckner (has info on Japanese-Canadian families)
  • Draft proposal for A4
  • Finish write up on Susie Linfield essay
  • Documentary Hangout on 18 December
  • As much course work as possible
  • Put up the Christmas tree and do shopping!

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