Documentary Hangout – 15 January, 2020

Only Neil, Jack and myself made it to the hangout today. Both Bob and Helen had prior commitments. All through of us are between assignments at the moment – Neil working on the second exercise in Part 1, Jack about to finish A2 and go onto A3, and I’m at the essay writing stage for A4.

So we just chatted and bounced ideas off each other. Jack has an opportunity to document a celebratory event on Canvey Island that is taking place this year and he was hoping he could use it or incorporate into his BOW for level 3, but he isn’t sure if he can use photos that are taken before the start of the module. Something to check with a tutor or student services. He is thinking about doing something on the effects of gambling for A3. Neil has access to a biker community so is thinking about documenting that community for his A1.

We also had some discussion about the use of Instagram. Both Neil and Jack have accounts but have never posted anything, I have an account, but no cell phone so I very occasionally upload something from my computer. Personally, I think one can get too bogged down with all the apps and technology that is floating around out there. It is physically impossible to stay up to date (not to mention expensive) with the ever-changing technology.

I passed along my tutor’s recommendation of Jerry Uelsmann’s work with Neil and Jack as they are still working or approaching the surrealism sections of the coursework. We then got onto talking photographing old buildings, access issues and Neil mentioned fellow student Cat Topham’s EYV A5 project. – photographs of the old glass and concrete studio of Bernat Klein in Selkirk. He also mentioned OCA student Keith Johnson’s work, but I can’t find anything online about his work. Neil thought that he may no longer be a student.

I presented my idea for A5 – the Kamloops Residential School to Neil and Jack, mentioning that I may have some problem obtaining permission to shoot inside the building. I think I have some work-arounds to that though. Neil thought the project sounded more like a level 3 piece, which it could very well be, but I don’t want to go too deep down that road for a whole year. I might find it too depressing. Neil mentioned that it all depended on the approach I took to the narrative – from the school’s perspective or from the students’ perspective. I think I’m thinking more along the lines of exposing a hidden history but I’ll see what my research material serves me. I have gathered rather a lot of factual evidence already.

Next hangout will be 27 February, 2020.

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