Weekly Check In – 7 March 2020

Another really slow start to this week as I did absolutely nothing yesterday. But I’ve given myself a bit of a dressing down and hopefully I’m back on track again.

Just had a bit of a revelation about something that has been lurking in my mind about my A5 project and want to make a note of it here before I forget about it. As I am technically the Other in the narrative that I want to depict, I was worried about seeming intrusive, but I’ve just read a statement in Gevers’ essay where Rosler in her work, The Bowery in two inadequate descriptive systems (1974 – 1975) depicted the alcoholics in that neighbourhood without actually photographing them and thus not “satisfying the viewer’s lurking voyeurism” (Gevers, 2005:88). I think this has subconsciously been where/what I was feeling too, but now that has been clarified for me and this will help me fine tune my shooting list.

OK … I’m very happy! I’m not going to need any fancy video making software for my slideshow. I’ve been testing PowerPoint’s capabilities and I’ve created a quick and dirty prototype test slideshow with a few random images, videos and recorded files from my archive (not for public viewing – I’ll make a more suitable test show later on). I’m able to insert a video that already has its own sound, add different sound files to different pages and I can also add multiple sound files to one page and fade the sound in and out accordingly. I’m also able to record an audio file directly onto the slide. I think this pretty much will cover anything that I’m planning to incorporate, so now I can just concentrate on getting all the bits and pieces together.

Finished the Gevers essay and The Judgment Seat – what a marathon! Now I can start to catch up on some items on my to do list. I have now posted my first submission of A4’s essay to my blog. Now I just have to work through some revisions to reduce the word count and then post the revision. I can now tick my write up on Jerry Uelsmann off my list.


To Do List
  • Continue coursework
  • Do another edit on A4 essay to reduce word count
  • Visit Secwepemc Museum & Kamloops Museum/Archive. Info on residential schools, dates of operation, potential interviewees
  • Write up on Jack Latham (Sugar Paper Theories and Parliament of Owls) (for A5 so I still have some time)
  • Just discovered the work of Marc Wilson via L3 student, Helen’s blog post. His work may be a good reference for my project. Thanks Helen!
  • Start A5 research. I have a lot of reading to do for this:
    • Behind Closed Doors | Stories from the Kamloops Indian Residential School edited by Agnes Jack
    • The Kamloops Residential School: Indigenous Perspectives and Revising Canada‟s History (Thesis by Jenna K. Foster)
    • They Came for the Children | Canada, Aboriginal Peoples and Residential Schools [Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada]
    • What We Have Learned | Principles of Truth and Reconciliation [Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada]
    • Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future | Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
    • … and a few journal articles
  • Shoot extra image for A3 (we still have snow on the ground so not doable at the moment, but I just want to put it on the list so I don’t forget about it)
  • Finalise book for A3
  • Finalise images for A2
  • Print images for A1 and A2 for assessment

Gevers, I. (2005) ‘Postdocumentary photography, art and ethics’ In: Gierstberg, F., van den Heuvel, M., Scholten, H. and Verhoeven, M. (ed.) Documentary Now!. Rotterdam: NAi Publishers. pp.82–99.

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