Rest of World Hangout – 22 March 2020

Attending were Michele and Mark from New Zealand, Ian from Australia, Sarah from the UK and Alan and myself from Canada.

As usual our discussions were pretty lively and we really appreciated Ian joining in as it was super early for him – I think 5:00 am or thereabouts. We started off by looking at the beginnings of my slideshow for A5. Everyone was on board with the concept. Obviously I have some fine tuning to do with the timing of some of the slides and I am nowhere near finalising it. Alan made an interesting observation in that I should consider the critical distance from where I’m standing. Am I telling the story from my perspective (as an immigrant/outsider/female Canadian/Westerner) or am I trying to tell the story from the First Nations perspective? I’m aware of the fine line that I’m treading here and am very conscious that I’m trying to be very ethical with this project as it is extremely sensitive. The curation of the project makes it my narrative, that I do understand, but at the same time I am also aware of the danger of sensationalizing a subject and that is not something I want to do.  At the moment I am letting the project organically lead me. I’m picking out quotations and audio clips that allow the survivors’ voices to come to the fore. I do know that this project could become huge if I was to present both the government’s side/actions/reasoning – call it what you will – as well, so I’m focusing on allowing the voices that have been silent for too long to speak for themselves, if that makes any sense. Lots to think about.

UPDATE: Mark sent me an email a few days after the hangout with the following comments:

Just had chance to have a look at your A5 – great work!

I found as I watched it I was asking myself questions… and would be remiss if I didn’t share that I thought this could be a great door opener to a a L3 project …

For example … see Dawoud Bey’s work like The Birmingham project that links the participants of the past with today.

You may not have had much access during the preparation of this last assignment but that may not be the same going forward …

I also wondered about the role of the catholic priests and nuns … and whilst I’m sure there were probably bad eggs amongst them … they presumably had generally sincere intentions based on the ethics and culture of the day… history is only history when you’re looking back… at the time there was an acceptance/normality to the practice.. ?

Anyway – great idea, and well executed (in my view!), and could be a door opener if you were inclined.

(Racle, 2020)

Mark presented a few of his ideas for C&N A5 to us via padlet. I’m still trying to understand the technology behind this padlet thing … It seems like Mark is planning on selecting a remote location and wants to photograph that location using perhaps multiple exposures in order to create a painterly effect similar to Lawren Harris of the Group of 7 work. I can’t remember the name of the NZ artist and I can’t access Mark’s padlet account now. I suggested using a time-stacking technique similar to what I did during the Landscape module.

Michele showed a selection of images for her BOW. She prefers to shoot in B&W and had posted some preliminary images of this beach community that she is focusing her BOW on, and had portraits of a couple who live there. The couple are both strong characters in her work and their personalities just exude vitality and one can only imagine the stories they would have to tell. As Alan stated the colour versions provided a different reading than those of the B&W. I found that personally I preferred the colour portraits, but for the landscape/still life images preferred the B&W. It will be interesting to see how Michele take this further. She also gave some feedback on one of the L3 hangouts that she attended recently and mentioned that she was finding the juggling act of balancing work between BOW and CS quite challenging. She was also doing a lot of reading around techniques, ethics and copyright. Mark suggested the following links to her, which are New Zealand specific:

As a group we decided that it would probably be a good idea to meet every 2 weeks now, instead of monthly. Any extra measures to stay sane and have other interaction with non-family members is very welcome!

Next ROW hangout is 5 April. Anyone from anywhere, from any course is very welcome to join us.


Racle, M. (2020) DFF A5. At: [Email sent to L. Kuit 07/04/2020] (Accessed  23/05/2020).

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