Weekly Check In – 21 March, 2020

The plan for this week is to work on the edit for A4 to see how I can reduce my word count. I’ve had some time away from the essay so hopefully this will give me a fresh insight. I also plan to do a lot of background reading and watching video footage of the Truth and Reconciliation panels.

I am currently working my way through an extremely interesting journal article about intimate colonialisms in BC’s residential schools. The subject is quite fascinating revolving around the idea of ‘place’ and the concept of intimate place in the form of the bodies of the First Nations’ children. I remember Clive explaining the concept of place/space in a Live Forum hangout more than a year ago and he mentioned that the concept of place was not only a physical one but also a psychological one and I never could quite understand that statement until I started reading this journal article. So very enlightening!

Journal article has been read – really a fascinating read. Would be applicable to studies on mental health issues too. Notes are here. Back to working my way through Behind Closed Doors. Its the type of book that is very emotional and needs to be taken in small doses.

Today kicked off with the Canadian PM announcing that all our borders will now be closed to anyone who is not a Canadian citizen/permanent resident, the exception being US citizens. There is already a meme out there about this announcement – just amazing how quickly these are created and circulated.

Anyone crossing our borders has to self-isolate for 14 days now. I have to wonder how that is going to be enforced though. I imagine its next to impossible. I’m just thankful I’m out in the rural areas and not in the city at this moment in time. Social distancing is much easier here as we have more space and less population to contend with. But it has put a kibosh on museum and gallery visits for me as my husband is in a high risk category, which means I am going to have to be super-creative in my approach to A5. I may have to rely mostly on appropriated imagery for the bulk of my assignment. A few hours later and I’ve just learned that the museums in Kamloops are closed until further notice. Bang goes my hope of photographing inside the residential school …

Well, its now official today. Every museum and gallery in Canada is pretty much closed until further notice. As the PM announced under the Parks & Recreation closures that constitutes everything with a door!

I felt a little more enervated and uplifted after Andrea’s Zoom tutorial today. The topic was Approaching an Assignment, but she had tailored it to be applicable in this crazy self-isolating world that we find ourselves lately. She was full of ideas of how to be creative, suggested work-arounds and provided plenty of resources that we could reference later at more leisure. After she had finished her tutorial, she left the session open to those students who wanted to discuss things and there were about thirteen of us who stayed on afterwards and tossed ideas around. Holly mentioned that she was documenting how she and her family were dealing with the Covid-19 self-isolation on a daily basis. She had only written a few things in diary format, but will be adding photos. I think this might be a good idea to do this as a backup plan for myself in case my original idea doesn’t quite pan out.

I made a good start my slideshow yesterday. I have shared the WIP to the ROW group for feedback in our hangout on Sunday.


To Do List
  • Do another edit on A4 essay to reduce word count
  • Visit Secwepemc Museum & Kamloops Museum/Archive. Info on residential schools, dates of operation, potential interviewees (all depends on the Covid-19 situation – this is all on HOLD at the moment)
  • Start A5 research. I have a lot of reading to do for this:
    • Behind Closed Doors | Stories from the Kamloops Indian Residential School edited by Agnes Jack (have done one section)
    • The Kamloops Residential School: Indigenous Perspectives and Revising Canada‟s History (Thesis by Jenna K. Foster)
    • They Came for the Children | Canada, Aboriginal Peoples and Residential Schools [Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada]
    • What We Have Learned | Principles of Truth and Reconciliation [Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada]
    • Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future | Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
    • … and a few journal articles (one done)
  • Shoot extra image for A3 (we still have snow on the ground so not doable at the moment, but I just want to put it on the list so I don’t forget about it)
  • Finalise book for A3
  • Finalise images for A2
  • Print images for A1 and A2 for assessment
  • LiveForum – 22 March, 2020
  • Rest of World Hangout – 22 March, 2020
  • Documentary Hangout – 26 March, 2020

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