Documentary Hangout – 26 March 2020

Our documentary hangout today was interesting. We had Betty join us from Visual Communications, Avril from C&N, Michele and Helen from L3, Jack, Bob and myself and later joined by Neil and Steven due to a time delay/difference/confusion. Bob, Betty and I stayed on to chat Neil and Steven about their work.

I presented an updated version of my WIP slideshow for A5 and it was very well received. Jack said it had moved him almost to tears and conveyed the story very well. Bob pointed out that the volume on one of the videos was a little soft and I agree. I’ll see if I can crank that up, else I’ll have to reshoot it and crank my speakers up to get the appropriate level of sound. He also mentioned that the time on the slide containing the letter from Father O’Grady could be a little longer as he couldn’t quite finish reading it. Bob mentioned that the  slideshow had made him curious and that he had tons of questions and actually made him do a little research and I think this is a great reaction to my work. I was very pleased to get that reaction. Steven, in turn interrogated me as to how I felt about the work, what worked and didn’t – also a good exercise to verbalize, and also felt that the multimedia components worked well with the variety. Everyone seemed to like the drums and chant (its actually a healing song connected to the residential schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission). It seemed to tie everything together which was my intention. So overall I’m very satisfied with the critique I received – Jack mentioning that it was interesting that my work had evolved over the course of this module, gradually linking the different assignments together and he feels that all the previous assignments have led up to this one. There has definitely been a thread that has emerged in my work, especially with the bridge between A3 and A5. Both assignments convey the latent history of the First Nations.

Bob had created a movie of a book page through for his A2. He has used a lot of acetate overlays in the project and it was very interesting to see the work build up new meanings as he paged through. I look forward to hearing what his tutor has to say about the book.

Steven presented his A3 which he did on estrangement. When I first looked at the images I immediately sensed social distancing in his work. Apparently he took all the images just a day or so before the announcement to self-isolate went into effect. His work is very much in a flaneur-style and liberally spiced with signifiers.

Jack showed us his work he had done for A3 on gambling. Like me he was stymied as a result of the social distancing regulations that kicked in as he wanted to go to the race track and photograph the action there, but instead he had to substitute a bookie office. He has created a strong set of images that convey his personal encounter he had at a race track.

As I mentioned after about an hour most of the group had signed off or left when Neil and Steven join and after discussing Bob and my work a little more and chatting about Steven’s we then decided to try and have another hangout in 2 weeks time.

So the next hangout is set for 9 April, which for me is great as I can use this hangout as a last run through prior to assessment.

5 thoughts on “Documentary Hangout – 26 March 2020

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