Weekly Check in – 28 March 2020

This sense of limbo is rather surreal as we self-isolate and wait. I’m so thankful I live in a rural area so I can at least still get outside and walk around in my yard. But even so, the area is still eerily silent and devoid of people.

I’m hoping that a decision will be made regarding the submission of physical prints for assessment soon, because I would like to aim for the July assessment. I’m just thinking it might be a bit challenging if/when my printer runs out of ink and I need to get myself off to the shops to get a refill – not sure how long a postal delivery would take, or even if that particular store will still be open as it isn’t an essential service/goods category.

I attended the LiveForum today as well as a ROW hangout. I feel as if I’ve socialized quite a bit today. The ROW group decided to meet every 2 weeks during this self-isolation time rather than once a month. So our next hangout is on 5 April.

I spent the afternoon going through some more TRC sharing panel videos. For my assignment, I’m trying to isolate and use only testimonies of people who attended the Kamloops Indian Residential School, so it is a little slow going as I click on through the video to try and identify those people. Some of the videos are over 5 hours long, although I’m not listening to all the stories – its too emotional, and it seems some residential schools were worse than others, so I do want to try as far as possible portray a truthful account. Thankfully some of the survivors have little snippets of humourous stories to tell too and I may think about incorporating those too … although it might change the tone of the narrative.

So with this self-isolating I’m finding myself actually delving into my various email subscriptions a little and following some of the links there. The one that popped up today was a virtual tour of the Vancouver Art Gallery, so I decided to look at that. Well the exhibition that was done by Google street view is an old one – back in 2013/2014 I think, with art work by Douglas Coupland. But the one exhibition room consisted of pop art wall text and some of those statements are particularly relevant in this current period, so I’ll share a screen shot below. Some of the statements have a rather prophetic tone to them. If anyone wants to view the rest of the work, click on the link to the Vancouver Art Gallery on this page.

By Douglas Coupland at the Vancouver Art Gallery

I also made some headway with my slideshow for A5. I encountered a problem running an audio file and movie on the same slide (I already had a looped audio running in the background as well – so I’m not sure if there is a limitation in PowerPoint). If the one work, the other didn’t so I’ll have to do a bit of research around that point. For the moment, I’ve inserted a separate slide to accommodate the movie which is silent, which is why I wanted the audio to run while that was playing. But on the whole, I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out so far. I’m presenting it at the Documentary hangout tomorrow so hopefully there will be some helpful feedback.

Just found my answer – apparently I need to go to the Animations tab and select “Start with Previous”. So I’ve tried that and it works — so hurrah!

I can probably knock the following items off my to do list due to the latest assessment guidelines as everything is going to be digital for the July assessment:

  • Shoot extra image for A3 (we still have snow on the ground so not doable at the moment, but I will probably not be able to shoot an extra image due to self-isolation regulations in force)
  • Finalise book for A3 – I do have a Digital version of the book – so that is OK.
  • Finalise images for A2
  • Print images for A1 and A2 for assessment (prints no longer required)

I’ve completed my reflections on the latest Documentary hangout and I’ve fine-tuned my A5 slide show where I think I can now submit to my tutor. Just busy doing the write up and self-assessment section. Due to Vimeo’s upload restrictions I will have to wait a week before I can upload my finalized version. There was a problem when I uploaded my Test slide show and I got the message to re-try, but of course that ate up my upload quota – very unfair as it turned out that there was no problem after all and I ended up having two uploads. Its probably a ploy to make you sign up for the paid option methinks! I also want to do my edit on A4 before I submit to her so we can hopefully do the pre-assessment feedback at the same time.


To Do List
  • Complete A5 self-assessment
  • Do another edit on A4 essay to reduce word count
  • LiveForum – 5 April, 2020 (not sure if I’ll attend this)
  • Rest of World Hangout – 5 April, 2020
  • Documentary Hangout – 9 April, 2020

3 thoughts on “Weekly Check in – 28 March 2020

  1. Thank you Lynda, I had been trying to make a slideshow in Lightroom which is clunky and difficult to change slide order in
    Never thought about using PowerPoint which I am generally much more familiar with – duh


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