Weekly Check in – 3 April 2020

I have now spent time going through my A4 essay trying to reduce the word count. I am having great difficulty bringing the word count down because of the comparison between two case studies. I feel that I’ve brought the background sections down to the bare minimum, but I’ll take another look to see if I can reduce it some more. If I can’t, I will just have to ask for forgiveness!

I’ve finalised my slide show now and hopefully will not get any error messages when I upload to Vimeo. Its over 400MB in size so that will use up my whole week’s upload allocation. If it doesn’t work, I’ll upload to my Google Drive and share it that way with my tutor. Well – it worked thank goodness. A5 submitted to tutor.

I’ve also bitten the bullet and submitted for the July assessment. I’m also pulling together my pre-assessment table and yikes – have noticed I have a list of some unfinished research to do. So I’m off to take care of those write ups now.

We went for a drive this morning – first time out of the house for about two weeks and it was quite eerie. Very surreal to see empty streets with the odd person out walking. Everyone waved and smiled as we went by so folks are in good spirits still. Our province has extended the lockdown measures to end May/June – c’est la vie! Right – back to my catch up write ups.

Have completed write ups on the de Duve journal article, Jim Mortram, Keith Arnatt, Edward Weston, and Stephen Gill.

Today I had to venture out to do a bit of a shop. What a procedure – gloves, hand sanitizer, dodging other people in aisles (why don’t people realise that social distancing applies in a shop too?). Eventually home and then starts the removing of everything in plastic (apparently the virus lasts up to 3 days on plastic), washing fruit & veg for 20 seconds in soap and water, wiping down every other bought item’s packaging with alcohol (the rubbing kind), and then packing everything away and then washing clothes that I wore. Its really enough to put you off going out too often, that’s for sure.

A few of the exhibitions for the Capture Photography Festival (supposed to take place this month in Vancouver) making their exhibitions available online, which is really great. So I spent some time today looking at Gohar Dashti’s exhibition as well as a graphite artist’s work on drift wood.

The Capture Photography Festival email update landed in my mailbox this morning and I went through it to check for any more virtual exhibitions. The festival folks don’t do a good job of coordinating this on their website at all, just refer the viewer back to the individual gallery’s site, which is a little off putting. I managed to set my PVR to record the photographic documentaries that are scheduled to run this month as part of the festival, so that should provide some relief.

I’ve caught up with all my little bits and pieces and write ups that I’ve needed to do. I’m awaiting my tutor’s feedback on A5 so I’m finding myself in a bit of a holding pattern right now.

To Do List
  • Take another look at my A4 essay to see if I can reduce word count even further
  • LiveForum – 5 April, 2020 (not sure if I’ll attend this)
  • Rest of World Hangout – 5 April, 2020
  • Documentary Hangout – 9 April, 2020
  • Tutor led Zoom Tutoria (TBA) – 15 April 2020
  • Finalise images for A2

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