Documentary Hangout – 21 May 2020

We had another lively, productive hangout today attended by Michele and Sue (both L3), Faith, Neil, Pauline, Jack, Nickie and myself.

We started off by looking at Pauline’s A1 work which she had previously presented to the Thames Valley group, but in a slightly different format, which Sue and Nickie were familiar with. She had created three sets of triptychs of her images (on the left two images arranged in a vertical format and the third image on the right centred midway on the page). She had tried various groupings: by colour, endings, people (or absence of) = shadows/loneliness, health issues. I found the arrangements quite intriguing as the image on the right hand side was very much a signifier that linked back to the two images to the left. She chose a single image as her final image – of discarded rose buds and petals on a concrete tile. The colour was a vibrant red, but some of the petals were tinged with a black hue which lent a rather ominous feel to the image. Out of the four components on the image two were “social distancing” and two weren’t. Serendipitously there were two scuff marks on the concrete tile that connected the “social distancing” elements to each other and to the larger non-distancing flower. Such an interesting image to extract meaning from. We all agreed the image would not be as strong if the roses were another colour. The red brings home the danger of this Covid situation.

We then looked at Neil’s three options that he is trying to work through for A2. One option is very much a Martin Parr, surreal, slightly comic take on Covid seen from strange view points: inside the oven/fridge, from the floor of the bathroom, with Neil wearing a mask in each photo. The next set he was considering was views from windows, through blinds and without. The final set was bird imagery, but with the right captions this would provide a very different take on the whole Covid scenario, showing birds that social distance, leave home and so on. I mentioned to Neil that the assessors might be so tired of seeing the insides of people’s houses for assessment that the bird photography would probably provide a welcome respite.

Sue spent some time telling us of her idea for her BOW around recreating a collective memory/security and safety. She is centering her research around the tunnels used near Portsmouth that were used for shelter during the air raids in WWII. Such an interesting topic and I hope she manages to gain access to those tunnels somehow.

Next hangout will be 4 June 2020.

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