Weekly Check In – 23 May 2020

Monday – its a statutory holiday here in Canada Day but I decided to join the Level 3 tutorial with Dr Ariadne Xenou. The tutorial was the last in a series on research and covered the following topic: From the synthesis of theory and practice to a methodology that serves both | Ways to limit/extend, control and manage your research. I merely observed and didn’t take part in the discussion.

Tuesday – it was mainly family matters today, but I did manage to get a bit more of a read in of Wells’ Land Matters which will be helpful in L3.

Wednesday – Ian, Jack and I had a short hangout to discuss the assessment criteria. Both Ian and I are putting in for the July assessment, Jack in November and three heads together are better than one. Basically there is still a good level of confusion around this new way of working. No one is really happy that new learning outcomes have been introduced at the end of a course. The learning outcomes presented in the new assessment guidelines differ slightly to those in our course manuals. But it was good to be able to talk through our concerns and see if we had any common understanding of the expectations. One approach was to treat the evaluation as a “sales pitch” and have key messages using PowerPoint slides to show the way to bits of evidence to back up the “sales pitch”.

I have created a video of a photobook page through for A3 – probably not the best video, but considering the pan-tilt model of tripod I have I thought it wasn’t too bad. Note to self – get a better tripod for L3.

I have gone through my blog very quickly looking for links and connections from course work, photographers’ work etc., to assignments and have found quite a few connections. Now the task is to select and/or consolidate this in some or other format. I’m still not clear how to present this for assessment.

Thursday – Documentary hangout – a productive session and interesting exchange of information. Gradually working through the learning outcomes for assessment. I’m finding as I initially surmised, that these learning outcomes are not clear cut, or cut and dry, but that there is an overlap – really not sure how to handle that. Did a summary of Dan Robinson’s pre-assessment Zoom meeting. I think if I read through my notes a few more times and maybe watch the recording over again I may feel a little more enlightened.

Friday – Completed write up for the Documentary hangout. I have created my test print for A2 – size 26 x 38 inches, stuck it to my bedroom wall and photographed that for experiment purposes. I am making very slow progress trying to put my work together for assessment. I’m finding that I’m having to go through each piece of work that I’ve done to see which is a match to a learning outcome and honestly, this is a really painful process. I’ve now decided to see if any of my reflections under the Assessment Criteria that I wrote up for each assignment might cover off the learning outcomes and if so then I am going to use that.

Saturday – probably a final Head On Photo Festival newsletter in my mailbox today. What amazing stats to report! Below is an extract from their newsletter (bold is my emphasis). I sincerely hope that Head On does this again next year. The events that I attended were well worth it and very engaging and I found quite a few artists that might feed into my BOW in the next module.


Please allow us to recap in a few dot points of self-congratulatory jubilation:

  • We delivered the very first photo festival, if not festival, to go entirely online EVER
  • People from all over the world watched as we gave away over $70,000 worth of prizes to our amazing Head On Photo Awards winners
  • We had over 110 photography exhibitions delivered entirely online
  • We delivered 80 artist talks, panel discussions and workshops all free, all online
  • In the lead-up to, and during the festival period, we had over 80,000 visits to our website
  • People from a staggering 147 countries were able to enjoy our festival in this online format
  • We have set the bar into the future for other cultural and artistic agencies and organisations around the world
  • Citizens from all over the world found their tribe and were able to connect and form relationships into the future

(Head On Photo Festival, 2020)

To Do List
  • Figure out new assessment criteria & pull together a portfolio
  • Rest of World Hangout – 31 May, 2020

Head On Photo Festival (2020) People’s choice winner announced. [Email sent to Kuit, L. 21/05/2020]. [21/05/2020].

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check In – 23 May 2020

  1. One thing – has anyone said how long each assessor will have with a candidate’s submission? While I know level 4 assessments are half an hour per candidate, I’m not sure whether more time is allowed at level 5. If they give some idea, that would make it much easier to work out how long a video page-turn could last (and it would be relatively easy to work out how much written blog material stuff to put up based on average read rates). I think I might ask the question on the forum…


    • I believe they’re allocated 45 minutes for each submission. I’m not planning on creating a video page-turn as a presentation Simon. I’m thinking along the line of a document with links to the relevant posts or a post with the relevant extractions from other posts into one document. It’s just sifting everything and trying to match to the LOs’ that is doing my head in.


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