Documentary Hangout – 4 June 2020

We had another great hangout today. Attending was Michele (for a short while), Faith, Bob, Neil, Niki, Jack, Steven and myself.

We started off looking at Bob’s work. He had uploaded a few fun photos just for laughs to provide some comic relief from Covid lockdown, which we all enjoyed. Then we looked at his draft book for A3. His cat had recently died and he has put together a very poignant homage to the cat using a poem by James Donovan as text for the images. The group thought though that the positioning of the poem’s name and author created a little confusion and a separate page noting the poet might be more helpful. The text in the final image is on the photo itself, unlike the rest of the images which are outside the images and Faith was having a problem reading that text. It was suggested that the text be changed to white and repositioned to the bottom of the image, or the image shrunk slightly and the text moved off the image.

Jack gave some feedback on his A4 as well as some more interesting backstory to the image. We also had quite a bit of a discussion around fact and fiction in documentary photography, which tied in with Steven’s essay. We had given him some written feedback via email. Niki has come up with an interesting idea for A2 – about economic scarring and she discussed some concepts she was considering. We provided some feedback and further ideas so it will be interesting to see how she develops this concept.

I have found this group to be very inspiring to work with and it has been absolutely great to work with them. Like Michele from L3 and probably Sue (recently L3) I will most likely pop in to these hangouts while working on L3.

The next hangout has been scheduled for 18 June 2020

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