Note to the Assessors

Dear Assessors,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my work.

My learning log is online and can be located at: . The blog is in descending date order (standard blog format). Each assignment’s section begins with the assignment preparation, followed by the original assignment submission, tutor feedback and my reflections and ends with any revision/rework that I have done as a result of the tutor feedback (each on their respective tabs).

The Research and Reflection tab on the menu at the top of the blog contains my learning log which is categorized under the following tabs: Exhibitions, Research, Personal Reflections and Photographers in descending order (standard blog format). Research relevant to each assignment is mentioned in my assignment write up and is hyperlinked to the relevant posts as well.

My digital submission has been uploaded to my allocated G-drive and includes the following files:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Creative work uploaded to my allocated G-drive:
    • A1-0-Document.docx (document with links to Assignment 1 & thumbnails of images)
      • A1-Figure-01.jpg (image)
      • A1-Figure-02.jpg (image)
      • A1-Figure-03.jpg (image)
      • A1-Figure-07.jpg (image)
      • A1-Figure-10.jpg (image)
    • A2-0-Document.docx (document with links to Assignment 2 & thumbnails of images)
      • A2-1-Figure-1.jpg (image)
      • A2-2-Figure-3.jpg (image)
      • A2-3-Figure-2.jpg (image)
      • A2-4-Figure-5.jpg (image)
      • A2-5-Figure-8.jpg (image)
    • A3-0-Document.docx (document with links to Assignment 3 and Blurb book. Also contains details of backup links and instructions for backup PDF version of book)
      • A3-Backup-BookCover.pdf (Backup version of book cover if Blurb link doesn’t work) (image)
      • A3-Backup-BookPages.pdf (Backup version of book pages if Blurb link doesn’t work) (images)
    • A5-0-Document.docx (document with links to Assignment 5 and Vimeo video. Also contains details of backup links and mp4 backup video)
      • A5-ReturningToCoyote.mp4 (Backup for video if Vimeo link doesn’t work) (video)
  • Assignment 4 – Critical Review Essay: Have Photographic Ethics Changed Since the Depression Era and the Present?A Comparison of a Selection of the Ethical Issues in Migrant Mother and The Afghan Girl.
  • Course Reflection and Evaluation
  • All six (6) tutor reports have also been uploaded to my assigned Google Drive and are located under Tutor Reports, clearly named in the following format [Lynda_Kuit_512863_Feedback_Assignment_No_ Documentary.pdf].

Thank you.

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