Provisional Assessment Results

The provisional assessment results were released on Friday and I was literally over the moon with my grade (73%). After being in a frenzy with the new digital assessment criteria, I had pretty much resigned myself to an attitude of “que sera, sera“.  My highest score was for Context [Reflection, research (evidenced in learning logs). Critical thinking (evidenced in critical review)] so that bodes well for L3.

The overall comments and feed forward remarks were extremely positive, mentioning that my work is well researched and well reflected upon. I was encouraged to continue with student hangouts and online discussions with other students as this will be invaluable at L3. My personal voice is clear in my written work. My ideas and research are clearly articulated. My focus going forward is now to develop the visual representation of my ideas and the use of the images with other materials.

I’d like to thank my tutor, Andrea Norrington, for all her guidance that she has given me throughout this module.

For anyone who would like to follow my Level 3 journey, you can follow me at:

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