Tutor Feedback – A6 Pre-assessment review

I had my final tutor feedback on 11 May 2020. My tutor sent over her comments, saying there was no need to respond and that she would forward her report straight to the office as well.

Overall Comments

We ran through your questions pre-assessment – which I have briefly annotated below. If there are still any queries following the Zoom talk with Dan do come back to me. It is important that you feel you have submitted your work successfully.

We covered some of the normal discussion for this, in our previous call – your production of the checklist has been really helpful in you finalising the work for this course.

Your blog evaluation was read here – and this is a clear summation of the course.

We finished off with a brief discussion re Level 3 – I wish you every success on the next
stage and it has been a pleasure to be your tutor.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

I had sent my tutor some questions regarding the new assessment criteria that I wasn’t too clear on. Below are my questions, with my tutor’s response in bold.

Assessment Questions

  1. Should we categorize the items we select to evidence the 5 learning outcomes under each learning outcome’s heading? This is already happening in your assignment evaluations.
  2. Do these selected learning log entries count as “pieces”? I would think that the log entries relating to an assignment are a piece – but do check this for guidance.
  3. If a book = 1 piece (A3), and a video/slide show also = 1 piece (A5), then the other 10 pieces should come from A1 and A2. Am I correct? Or should they all come from A2 as A1 isn’t assessed? No need to use A1. Other pieces could be from learning log entries/research posts.
  4. Does the critical review essay count as a “piece” or is it a stand alone element? Yes, I believe so.
  5. P 24 – #2 – Interpret your learning outcomes. All the sections/assignments contain elements of all the learning outcomes – which to choose? This is being done in your evaluations.
  6. P. 24 #4 – Are we required to create a new document that points the assessor to the learning log entries? Does this include all the learning log entries or only a selection? Need clarification – I feel it could be blog post with links.
  7. P. 26 – #3 Documenting your work. This would have been good to know about at the start of the course. I create paper printouts of images I’m working on, pin them to a noticeboard and play around with the sequencing, living with them to see what works. Some of this is translated into my learning log, but I do not have photographs of the work on the noticeboard. When the assignment is finished, I remove the work and staple the images together in a pile and stick them into a sketchbook. Am I required to go and “recreate this whole process”? No extra need for this step – your blog posts/learning log entries show weekly progress.
  8.  Will we be penalised if our evaluation or presentation is in written format? Written absolutely fine.
  9. Padlet is mentioned quite a bit in the guidelines. I have no idea how to use this piece of software. Why doesn’t OCA provide a tutorial on this? Quick demo provided – remember to sign up on oca.padlet.org and use OCA email address.

Thank you for the clarification and the padlet demo. I hope to have the clarification questions answered during Dan’s Zoom meeting on 13 May, 2020.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity



Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis


Learning Log

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis


Suggested reading/viewing