Rest of the World Hangout – 8 December 2019

There were four out of the eight who signed up for the hangout today – Mark and Michele in New Zealand, Bob in the UK and myself. I really wish there was a way that the organizer of the hangout could see who had signed up though.

Michele has moved on to Level 3 and she spent some time talking about her BOW project which will revolve around mental health issues in rural New Zealand. It sounds like an extremely interesting project and I look forward to following her journey once she shares her link to her blogs. Mark shared a link to Guy Frederick’s work – also on mental health in New Zealand.

We then looked at my A3 WIP. I tried to articulate what I was after, rather difficult as it isn’t quite clear in my head yet – at least I know what I’m conceptually after, just having some difficulty expressing it. I had uploaded 4 versions of the work I was considering: B&W or colour; B&W with text or colour with text. Michele found that the text overlay on the image was distracting, but Bob found that the text made him want to explore the image more as he didn’t understand the word. This really was the type of reaction I was after. Everyone preferred the B&W version. Bob had found a Wikipedia article about Canadian Aboriginal alphabets and suggested that I use those characters. The link he had found, though, were related to the languages of the  Algonquian, Inuit, and Athabaskan nations and not the Secwepemc which is the language that I had used in my images. My concept came across better once the book dummy was viewed as the cross-cultural strategy is more evident there and the facing pages tie it together. One or two of the figures need a tonal adjustment, especially the Post Office one – I was aware of this. I was relieved that my proportions seem to be correct. So what I need to do is play around with different fonts – I don’t want to use a serif font as the serifs will make it difficult to see the different diacritics that are used in some of the words. I do think that extra layer of ambiguous culture is needed with the text overlay so I’m going to keep that version. Now just to decided B&W or colour. (I have a one on one hangout with Anna who has moved onto level 3 tomorrow and will add her comments afterwards).

We then looked at Mark’s C&N A3 which is self-portraiture. He has a cabin in a rather remote area and is doing his self-portraiture around the Maori concept of Tūrangawaewae (a place to stand). The set of images he presented showed very dense bush, traps for vermin, various types marks made on the trees and in the bush that connote a presence or ownership to neighbours and a few images of a figure (Mark) blending into the surroundings. He definitely has a great concept going and I’m looking forward to see how it develops.

Mark has been book-buying again – and recommended the Photowork by Sacha Wolf which has just recently been published by Aperture. He said the book was a bit of a distractor though as its one of those that impel you do do extra research and take you away from your studies for a while :-). I’m adding it to my Christmas list for sure.

Bob shared an idea he was toying with for A2 in Documentary – the concept of “who is wearing the trousers?” Basically who has the power base. Michele seemed to remember a photographer who photographed women dressed as men, but none of us could remember the name. Trish Morrisey’s name came up as an example for imposter imagery, but I’m wondering if Michele might have been thinking of Claude Cahun perhaps … I suggested that Bob could perhaps photograph women who were employed in male dominated occupations, like plumbers, builders, welders. Mark remarked that Bob could turn the concept around and photograph men who performed “women’s work/occupations”. This was something that had crossed Bob’s mind and he was quite pleased that it had been raised as well. I suggested Bob watch the UBC lecture on Michel Foucault that I watched this weekend as it would be quite relevant to any discussions on power.

We then got talking about Level 3 again and Michele mentioned that there was a lot of linkage with C&N and warned us not to throw any of our materials away from that course. She also mentioned that her new tutor had suggested to her to do a backward look over two weeks and a forward planning in her blog on a regular basis. I shared Andrea’s Learning Logs presentation slides with her as she was a little confused as to how a blog should be structured and had had difficulties with assessors not being able to find her work before. I think I have been reflecting back on what I’ve been doing, but forgetting to plan forward, so I’ll include that going forward.

Next hangout will be 12 January 2020 (13 January for those in NZ & Australia).

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