Rest of the World Hangout – 31 May 2020

Another great hangout today, attended by Michele (NZ), Roger (Chile) Alan and myself from Canada. Mark was off shooting to complete an assignment now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted in New Zealand.

We spent some time giving feedback on the various online talks we had attended. I had attended a couple from the Auckland Photography Festival, and gave some feedback on Judith Crispin’s work. Judith is an Australian photographer, whose work revolves around identity, but she makes use of lumen prints in the most amazing fashion. I’m planning on doing a write up on her work and will probably post that to my L3 blog once I get permission to get that up and running. Another photographer talk I attended was Jeanne Taris, a French photographer who past work has revolved around the Roma in France and Spain. It would be good to compare her work with that of Koudelka and Eskildsen, especially from a female’s gaze. (I’m not going to do that now as I don’t want to make work for myself while I’m trying to wrap up this module, but I may carry that over to L3). I also gave some feedback on another VII Photo Agency talk by Daniel Schwartz which I wrote about here.

Roger shared his tutor’s advice of creating ongoing reflective logs and Michele and I both shared our experience of doing this as well. Alan thought that this was something he should be implementing in L2 now. We also looked at Roger’s work on bank notes. He had painted copies of various foreign bank notes which he and his father had collected, relating the back story of this and the reason for painting on the Financial Times newspaper as the background (his father was in banking). He had painted the Financial Times a goldenrod yellow tone and wasn’t sure if the yellow worked. Alan reminded him that it rather resembled the colour of gold, and gold was the backing of world currencies so that could be the reason for using that colour. It was quite interesting learning about the properties of different paper and how they react to water and paint. Roger also mentioned that the Royal Academy’s Festival of Ideas has a few podcasts on history, so I’ll be sure to check that out. One specific podcast he mentioned is Clio Barnard.

Michele also shared her impressions of VII’s Ashley Gilbertson’s Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot talk. A sad case of a photographer’s fame going to his head and tragic results because of that quest for the “ultimate” shot.

Next hangout is set for 14 June, 2020.

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