Weekly Check In – 4 June 2020

This will most likely be my final weekly check in for the Documentary module as everything gets finalised for assessment.

Monday: I completed my write up on the ROW hangout 31 May. I also spent some time preparing blog posts for L3 – my mind maps for my proposed BOW and a few artist talks.

I logged into the OCA new VLE Learn platform today only to discover that the only course I’m signed up for is the OCA Big Draw and none of my regular OCA courses. I have notified tech support on that.

Tuesday: Today I took part in the Virtual Study Event featuring Susan Bright: Collaboration and Creative Practice. The study event was a continuation really of her lecture which I reported on last week. She went into a little more depths about her academic background and how she came to be interested in curatorship. Again she stressed the importance of the artist/curator relationship – the curator being that of a sounding board for the artist, but also needing to realise that at some point one needs to fly the nest and work independently of each other, otherwise the relationship tends to stagnate. She passed along a few do’s and don’t’s on how to go about contacting a curator: preferably in person, have the work ready in a coherent format, don’t get defensive when constructive criticism is offered – everyone has a different opinion and one can only learn from these, contact people who you think will be interested in your work. Speaking about her Home Truths exhibition she went into some detail explaining the subtle nuances of why she displayed the various artists work as she did. Brotherus’s work was displayed on a shelf that ran down the one side of the room – very much similar to photographs on a mantlepiece, as she wanted to create that homey feel to that work. The other artist whose work was displayed opposite to Brotherus had her work hung at a slightly lower level than normal so that viewers would have to bend their bodies a little to view it properly (unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of this artist). All very subtle ways to engage the viewers – but without them realising it – which is key. Some advice for students who are self-curating: be aware of the details – framing or not – why? Bright advises to always make a maquette to scale, using graph paper. Think of the flow – it is always nice to be greeted by a face – have something welcoming and accessible at the beginning of the exhibition. Text is tricky. It is not always needed, but she finds that it does act as a hook in informing the viewer where to start and know what they are walking into. When visiting other exhibitions, take notes of what you like/didn’t like, lighting etc. Some of the questions that came up in the Q&A was about the need to censor work (she doesn’t, but some of the organisations that she works for do have a need); how does the approach to curating books differ from exhibitions – differ greatly – sometimes she just feels she needs to write something, rather than exhibit it and then it becomes a book. The question of ageism also came up – something that infuriates her as many mature students work is definitely more interesting than the youngsters because of their life experience (good to know!)

I received my link to upload my portfolio images, tutor reports and statement of intent to a Gdrive folder in preparation for my interview to move to L3 with the programme leader today, so I took care of that as well.

I received my copy of Tomas van Houtryve’s Lines + Lineage book today as well as a very meaty text of Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws: Yerí7 re Stsq’ey’s-kucw (over 500 pages) which will be very handy in L3 if I go down the route of investigating First Nations history. The information is very localised, specific for this area in which I live and deals with topics like oral history, laws, territories, archeology, language, trade, sense of place, politics, church and Indian rights movement.

Thursday: Attended a Documentary Hangout – good to catch up with everyone again and see their work. Probably my last documentary hangout that I write up for this blog as I wrap up my blog postings for assessment.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Check In – 4 June 2020

  1. I can’t access my courses on the new VLE either Lynda so have contacted OCA too.
    I enjoyed the ‘conversation’ and made copious notes but also couldn’t catch the name of the other photographer who Bright mentioned after talking about the display of Elina Brotherus. I’ve checked and it was Leigh Ledare who Took photographs of his mother in erotic poses.
    Best of luck with your interview re Level 3.


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